Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Lego Halloween excited!

Ethan is in third grade this year, and I always like to sign up to do the fall party.  We used to just have one homeroom mom for all year, but this way we all share the responsibility!  I like to do fall, since we don't celebrate scary (and some kids don't celebrate Halloween..and I always tried to cap the amount of candy gobbled down!), and then I can do what I want! (evil laugh? nah, haha!)

I'm planning a Lego party!  It's remotely Halloween, since I put a pumpkin on the letter to parents and ordered some orange legos, ha!  Seriously, it's going to be all kinds of fun.  This is what makes me miss teaching. ; )  

When I plan a school/class party, I usually plan a snack, game or two, a craft and/or a take-home thing or goody bag.  Sometimes we do "centers" and the kids rotate every fifteen minutes so they get to do all the activities in small groups.

This year, it'll be Lego-themed, but kinda minute-to-win it.  I'm just smooshing all the things I want to do together!  I ordered chocolate cupcakes with white buttercream frosting, and I've made (orange colored) white chocolate Lego minifigures to go on top (my cousin had the molds to share with me!!).  I've also requested fruit, veggies, dip, cheese cubes, plates and napkins in my parent letter.  

I bought a big tub of Legos, ordered sets of 100 little yellow "lights", and 200 mini orange legos, four sets of lego handcuffs, etc. to separate into tiny goody bags for the kids.  Free play will be our craft I guess!!  One is Legos Don't Suck: Using a straw to suck up legos from a center plate and moving them to their own plates..child who moves the most wins a candy sucker prize!  (I have a peanut and corn I have to find a sucker with no high fructose corn syrup!  Ideas?)

The next is Lego Twin Towers: Partner up, one partner gets to SEE the design example I demonstrate, and they TELL the other partner how to replicate it. Winner pair gets Twix candy bars.

The third game is Bridge Build in Pairs: Pairing kids up with different partners and a Lego pile.  They can use one person's left hand and the other person's right hand.  Work together to build a bridge that a tiny Batman car can drive under and a minifigure can walk over.  Winners get Lego handcuffs.

The fourth game is It's a Stick Up!: Holding a tongue depressor with their teeth/lips, they stack as many legos on the stick as possible.  Highest number gets lego handcuffs!

Last game is Lego Zip Line: Working in small groups, they will build a simple contraption to hold their lego man/minifigure.  It needs to hold him AND needs an opening/loop/hook to hang on the string/zip line.  They can take it to the string to practice.  They need to think about weight, speed, and durability.  Then they race to the bottom.  Who won?  Why?  (you increase the angle to speed him up, even out the angle to slow him, and gravity pulls him down.)  Now, we start over, lowering the strings s-l-o-w-l-y (the slowest wins!).  Tension is needed to maintain travel.  If we have time, we'll take off three legos to see if it still works!  Economy of building. ; )  

They will be playing with mine and a friend's legos for the games, so they'll each get a goody bag of brand new legos to play with, keep, and take home!  I also ordered 40 minifigures (from China, oops!), so they may or may not make it in time!  I think they might be off-brand anyway since they were only $9!  or used?  They looked so nice in individual cellophane packages.  (If you get a minifig for Christmas, act surprised!)

I'm excited for the party, I think it'll be fun!  I'm even planning to dress up.  I'm thinking a big tulle Alice in Wonderland costume.  I'll have to sew it since I'm too big for kids section, and sexy Alice is totally not my style.  Why, oh why, are those my only choices?

Here's a pin I love. 
isn't she precious??
I just need some help with the what will fabric will I use?  and the design?  But I can totally find stripey stockings and a big black bow! : )  I haven't dressed up in YEARS! (unless you count that year I wore cowboy boots and a hat with pigtails.  That was almost a costume.) ;O)

What do you have planned for Halloween? : )  Have any great ideas for me? : )  or Legos you want to donate to the cause?!!  Hugs!

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