Sunday, April 5, 2015


There once was this momma.  She loved her family sooo much.  She fell short quite a lot (yes, she was short..but she fell short..quite different).  She tried to play the whac-a-mole game all the time.  She'd hammer on the thing that was popping its head up the highest.  She felt like there was always something popping up-and if she didn't hit it in time, it went back down.  Un-slammed.  Sometimes it was ok that she missed the little brown moles (they'd surely come back up), and sometimes it was not ok-they were important moles.
She realized that some of those moles only come up once.  So she had to be ready.  To miss the familiar moles that come up quite often to really get the rare ones that she'd never see again.

She wished she had two hammers sometimes, one for each hand.  But it sure felt good to take both hands and slam one of the rare moles really hard (but not in a killer way, of course ; ).

Because those moles were sneaky.  She didn't know they were the rare ones until they popped up.  And they only stayed up for a moment.  She had to make a split second decision-to slam it..or to let it go. 
She felt like she just spent all her days just slamming at all of them, and she never took the time to smile at the little moles to see how rare they each were.  She began to grab by one.  To try to keep them up longer.
Pretty soon, she began to lay the big, fluffy hammer down to just enjoy watching the little moles pop up and down.  The familiar moles would always be there (her laundry, dishes, beds, dinner).  But these rare, special little moles would only pop their heads up for such a short time.    
She decided to just grab them.  It was worth all the points lost on those common moles to glimpse the rare moles, just to look them in the eye.  (Holy Moley, what a treat it is to have those sweet babies.)  She realized it's only for such a short time.

Here's to laying down the fat hammer and enjoying your little moles.  Those common ones will pop their heads up again soon enough.

It's after midnight peeps, Happy Easter to you and your family!  Thank the Lord this mole was worth laying down His life for-I feel unworthy, and I've seen a lot of dirt-but His mercy saves me.  May the blessings of the almighty God be with you.  Hugs!

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