Saturday, January 3, 2015

and Happy New Year!

She writes twice in a week...NeWsFlaSH!! haha!

We came back into town, had three late, raucous nights playing cards with my uncle (in town from North Carolina), my mom's birthday on New Year's Eve, and then a day to Missouri to see Ches' mom on New Year's Day!  
He got to play on the little Lego car while we waited in line for Driving School!

The kids all at Driving School out on the little city streets!

Octopus!  (We were just all so happy to have warm weather and SuNSHiNe!
And the laundry continues..
Lego Santa and Sleigh..  I loved how they had tons of photo opportunities ALL over the park!

We were in a hurry to get to a ride since we got to the park early..but Clay wanted to have his picture taken with Einstein!  (Carter just wanted to stroke his mustache..)

This was the second thing they participated in.. They got a plate and got to compete for four tickets to come back to the park and a Lego boxed kit! : )

Hard at work.. Clay built a cobra head that opened, and Ethan built a sandy island with palm tree and a pirate ship in the water. : )
Did you make New Year's resolutions?  I think I'll be less l-a-z-y.  I hate going up the stairs, so I save stuff at the bottom so I can make one worthwhile trip, or have the kids take their stuff up.  When I finally go, it's awful.  Awful messy.  The kids don't really clean without being told. : (  And if you've wronged me?  I forgive you!  Let's not carry ick into the new year, ha!  If I've wronged you?  I'm sorry!!  I don't want you carrying ick into the new year either! : )
through the castle entrance to a roller coaster and play area


Up on the big climbing "castle"
I'm also recommitting to loving my husband.  I had him retake the Five Love Languages quiz (since Heaven knows..we could change languages maybe?!) (You should seriously take it, have your partner take it, then your kids, it changes everything!!)  And then I'm rereading my copy of For Women Only, it's a great reminder of the inner workings of a man.  He needs respect more than love.  And they are visual(Not just seeing you all beautiful, but the house, messes, children tended to, etc.)  And they'll sacrifice to help you stay visually more attractive (watching the kids so you can work out, get your hair done, etc.)  I forget after a while, and I start to be less respectful, or let myself slide..  But she's right.  Ches also has the For Men Only, and we read them together last time.  I'm reading privately, and she recommends you not share books.  With each other, I mean.
We love that you can rent strollers..saves room in our traveling van!

Be still my heart.
Life is hard for everyone, and we're all fighting battles that people don't see.  Sometimes there isn't anyone to share them.  I will make an extra effort to be patient and kinder to even the meanest people.  Imagine what they've been through to cause them the anger and pain that they are reproducing.

Ok, and I'd like to do some more random gifts and blessings for people, especially people I don't even know.  I know people get a kick out of it and enjoy it, but I seriously get a huge blessing from it.  I find pure *JOY* when I can give and help.  I've learned over the years that when I'm down, I can be uplifted by secretly helping another.  I don't need the thank you's or them to know who I am.  Try it if you haven't already.  Leave quarters on the gumball machines.  Pay an expired meter.  Pay for the car's toll behind you in line.  Pick up trash in the parking lot on your way inside.  Pray for the people on your church's prayer list.  Find another in pain and help.  Listen, send a card, make a call, share, make a meal, CARE.  Imagine if we all just did o-n-e extra thing a day.  I promise I get more joy than the person I'm trying to help.  It makes my heart grow, and I can always use more of that.

What do you plan for 2015?

Here's to going up the stairs a few more times a day!  Haha, hugs!
from Island in the Sky ride-twirling around *slowly* about 200 feet in the air at sunset..perfect timing (total accident!)

And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works.. Hebrews 10:24 

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