Saturday, June 21, 2014

They give AwArDs!

After pulling an all-nighter on Tuesday night, I finally got the house ready for the judges on Wednesday morning.  There was just so much to do..and I kept g.o.i.n.g.  I think it was all adrenaline!  Finally, I watched the sun come up..and I went to bed at 6:10 AM.  Then I woke up with Carter at 7:25!  It didn’t hit me until after lunch..and I think I’m still hung over, haha!

There was just so much to do.  Think about lots of people walking through the house you LiVE’d want to hide your dirty laundry, clean the windows, and vacuum too!  (Ok..and hang some pictures, organize your daughter’s desk, and fold your tp into little triangles, ha!  ..or is that just me?)

I stayed up late again Thursday night, since the actual home show began Friday morning.  And since I was tired, I crashed after one am.  I was making little “keep out” signs (ok..they said, “this area not available for viewing”) this morning for my closets (aka: toy/clothing/stuffed animal/helmet/lego hiding spots) since cleaning up the public space was hard enough.  Seriously, our attic is overflowing..and even chairs are on top of tubs.  Whew.  Praying you never have to do this!  (and yes, I’ve learned my lesson.  Never.  Again.)  and in case  you's never this clean all the time.  But I'm sure you gathered that much since I have all these crazy, messy kids! (that like to eat and wear clothes, for reals.) (which is why everything is wood or washable slipcovers.  And no, we don't really iron, it makes me hot.  As in *sweaty*.)

My sweet friend, Leigh, went over to water all the plants, since it’s been a hot Arkansas summer lately!  And dead hydrangeas and ferns are so unwelcoming.  We even got neighbors involved making sure there were doors unlocked for the realtors and for Leigh.  And today?  They called and the deadbolt was unlocked, but not the door..apparently it was left locked accidentally!  (It’s super easy to’s just this little flip switch next to the handle!)  I think the realtors are being super safe! : )  So..we gave them the garage door keypad code so they could get in this morning.  That would have been drama..with a big sign out front saying CLOSED!

Ok, so I have to tell you that we actually won four awards, holy cow!  (best master suite, best kitchen, best floor plan, and best overall in our group) I'm shocked, and excited (yes, it really means nothing, and we get nothing, haha!  ..and no one actually knows, but me and you!), but maybe it validates all those Pinterest hours I invested over the last year and a half.  So now, I shall work diligently to invest another 5K pins.  You know, to stay up-to-date.

Whew, that's long!  Hope it didn't drive you nuts..I might lose these pictures in six months and not have any record of my house clean, haha!

I should go..the kids are done swimming, and it's 10:51PM!!  It's been a long, full day in Dallas, and I can tell you all about it tomorrow.  Hugs!


charity said...

just have to say i love your house. its very beautiful from what i can see in the pics

Holly said...

Thank you soo much! : ) It's been a great adventure, haha!