Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I'm sneaking a few baby is still sleeping since he only took a quickie nap in the van yesterday while I ran an errand.  Less than 45 minutes, but it got him by all day!  Guess he's catching up on his sleep now. : )
with Ches' edible arrangement ; )

My sweetie is 22 months, I can hardly believe it.  He's not a baby anymore.  In fact, I think he's getting ready to potty train.  We've been reading potty books for a while now, and he keeps telling me *diaper* when he's about to go ('s still clean!), then when he goes he says "ut-oh, momma".  So sweet!  When I ask if he wants to use the toilet, he says no.  We'll see. ; )
Sweet boy playing with all the toys we've finally gotten back from storage!
After lots of hurdles (ha, no pun intended!), Clay has begun track for junior high.  He had to have a physical.  He couldn't go to the regular free ones for everyone else since he had a pre-existing condition, so we went to see our endocrinologist.  He wrote him a release, and wrote that he had to check himself at 3:15 and 4:30.  The coach told him it was a "poor excuse for a note".  Umm, hello?  Rude maybe?  And the doctor is a specialist, his diabetes specialist?  And his a1c last Monday was 6.5-rockstar!!  So, we tried to do it the nice way.

I called the principal to see what we needed to do.  He called the school district's athletic director (can you believe we have one?!).  We had to have a physical FORM filled out that was on the website.  This was never mentioned at the big meeting for parents.  Guess they just had copies of it at the physicals for the other kids?  I don't even know.  Anyway, we filled it out, and went to see our regular doctor.  Only, we couldn't get a "sick" appointment (same/next day) for a physical.  Has to be a well visit.  And well visits are scheduled 4-6 weeks in advance.  Oh my.  Call on Jesus.

But, she checked for any cancellations, and got us in on Monday. Whew.  He gets to go back to practice now.  It is super hard parenting these special kids!  Hope they n-e-v-e-r find out how hard.

My baby is up, my baby is up!  Sometimes I just can't wait to get in his room to get him.  He's so happy, and he's calling my name.  Momma...momma!  Love, love.

Hope your days are going well!  I'm getting my hair done today.  Love fresh color.  (wha?  You didn't know I colored my hair?!  God blessed me with a few things, but good colored hair was not one of them.) And I've started taking things to do while I sit and process.  Like it's office time.  Address changes, bills, etc.  That's so wrong.  Duh, it should totally be magazine time.  Until you're a mom, home manager, loving laundress, chef, expert dishwasher unloader, and diaper-changer-extraordinaire!  ..Hugs!

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