Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pods and Paint!

So...when God offers you a blessing, you should say Yes.  And you realize it means you are gaining a huge potential for excitement!  But with that comes a potential for disappointment if that blessing is delayed, hurt, injured, or lost.

It's still worth it in the end, but still.  A painful growth period always follows. : )

My cutie the fall we moved into our last house. : )

Boo at the Zoo a couple years later.  (Mary Claire and Ethan look tired! )

Little Mermaid and a skeleton a year later : )

Aren't they sweet?

This year at Farmland Adventures!   (I know it's hard to tell, but he's a crocodile!)  Big kids have elected not to dress up.  Even though that means no trick-or-treating.

We have had blessings rain on us..both joyful and not.  This diabetes thing is such a mixed blessing.  We love that it brought us together with amazing people. (Especially at Farmland Adventures last week!)  And yet, the daily grind included two 42's today.  In one child!  Whew, that makes them feel awful! : (

This house is our other baby.  And..we found out it is going to be another SiX weeks.  And I thought I could pull through without my boots and warm clothes. : (  Maybe not.  It's going extremely slowly right now.  Sheetrock was finished September 15, and we were still on time..but paint has taken over a month.  We are still hoping it'll be done this Friday.  I know, we'll have forgotten this in a year..but it sure feels like a weight this year!

So..pigs DO fly!  (yep, I actually have a flying pig in my garage..we are Razorbacks after all!)  The painting is nearly done.  Here are a few pictures:
This is Benjamin Moore's Woodlawn Blue (HC-147, I think).  Love!

Same color in a few rooms in the house!

Sherwin William's Anew Gray. : )  That's the linen cabinet for my bathroom..guess it walked out of the bathroom.


Study..more Woodlawn! : )
We are trying to be patient.  We've waited so much longer for other things.  I know it'll come together.  (I'm only this calm since we will lose our rate lock, and the rate has gone down.  Ask me how I feel again in a month. ; )

All things considered, we are making it one day at a time.  Clay has had some amazing blood sugars, meaning he's still making a little insulin..meaning he's also had a few lows.  We'll figure it out.  We also received our trial Omnipods and PDM, and he will start it tomorrow after school!  We'll let him choose a pump (as long as our insurance supports his decision!) ; )

Hope you are having a patient week. : )  All treats and no tricks, I hope!  Can you believe I didn't get one single picture of the kids tonight?  We are having family pictures made on Saturday, so we'll count that and not stress. 

Prayers for your family's blessings!

Know that the Lord works wonders for the faithful.  Psalm 4: 4

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