Friday, August 30, 2013

Brick, Brick, Hooray!

Thanks for your prayers, we are totally healing : )  Mary Claire is home today (hopefully on the mend!), but the big boys are at school.  And Ethan is having a friend over today, he's so excited!

We've been keeping an eye on the house..nothing for a couple days, but we are back on track.  (..wondering if the house is a reflection of us and our health)

Brick is slowly going up..and let's just say it's colorful.  We knew it had been on a building:

Parkdale Mills, Inc.
But we had no idea there was so much paint.  All we'd seen was the pallet in front of the brick company for sale.  It was a small sample of the brick available.  Well..let's just say the inside of the factory must have been either graffiti'd or really lively to energize the employees!

We decided to only have about half of the color turned out..and it's still very colorful.  We did agree to turn out all the blue in the backyard since we do like the color..but just some cream and pale colors out facing the street.

Brick, Day One

Brick, Day Two

Whew!  Is there a lot of green, or what?  Again..NO idea. ; )  We even have some random dark ones..maybe the eyes of the big faces on the walls?  Just kidding.  I've no clue what the inside of the building actually looked like.  Opening the shrink wrap on each pallet has been like unwrapping Christmas presents..totally surprising.  (Except when you begged for the Operation game, and you grabbed the Santa-wrapped thick rectangular box that made satisfying shaky noises..and you'd picked at the Scotch tape on the end of the package two days before Christmas..)

And..then I had that light dilemma.  I wanted pale turquoise lanterns over my bar..and they don't exist for sale for less than $5000.  (thanks, Pinterest) So..I found these for sale, ordered, and painted!  And..I'm happy.

..and a baby in a light is seriously handsome.

before next to the after..almost done painting.
Post paint/Pre glass. (and chain and wires and light bulbs and electricity and house..)
..and our sheetrock has been delivered!  We are praying to see some progress before the weekend since they said it'd start on Monday (five days ago..) ; )
And..a last look at our porch/entry (and the neighborhood cat!).  I've heard you can get sand out of your threshold with baby powder.  What do you think?
Praying sand doesn't visit your door (unless you are at the beach!!), and that illness stays out too.  Silly old things, putting their noses in where they don't belong.  At least they allow for lots of family bonding.  Over the sweeping..or reading. ; )

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