Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pigs & Planning my Kitchen!

Progress!  Finally we've seen the upstairs go up, and now the ROOF! : )
Second floor on..but I haven't been able to go up there since the STAiRS aren't built!  (That's our neighbor, Mary, in the entrance..she was checking it out for us!)

Windows delivered!  Woohoo, no dividers!

Doors delivered!  Love to see the outdoors.

Roof going over Carter's room!

Roof over the garage..since the floor was dropped based on the amount of slope on the land, but the roofline continues..the garage is super tall!
And..this is how it is looking so far : )  Roof over garage, kitchen, pantry, and porch.  Hooray!
Today, Mom and I went out for a bit.  We had a nice lunch, and we tried to scope out some stores for good home stuff.  First we tried Red Hill, a new (to me) store that was just what I needed!  Wonderful, casual, furniture, gifts, milk paint-y, filled with beautiful cow and pig art (and many, many more amazing acrylic originals!) by owner, Cari.  She was SO took so long for her to actually tell me all those bits of awesomeness were...hers!  As in, she painted them!  I was too in love to think of taking a picture..sorry.  But I did pick up this beauty:
No..not the cutie, the CHaiR! : )  I loved it right away, and thank goodness he does too!

So much..that he felt at home in it right away.  Oops.

Much Better.  (we use a belt as a seat belt now.  Just like when the big kids were learning to use a real chair.)

Ok, he looked so much like Wilbur (non-teachers: Charlotte's Web!) to me, and I had to take him home!  The painting's real name is Morning Pig though.  (I told her it was Wilbur to me though, and she was ok with it.)
I'm still excited about choosing for the house, but still really nervous.  I planned for kitchen cabinets last night since we meet the cabinet man on Monday.  I have to know what to say!  I'm planning to take him a bunch of pictures of what I want.  Pictures are worth a thousand words you know. ; )  Here's what I'll say:

Cabinet doors like this, with a *light* gray-taupe glaze.

Arch over the stove top like this.  Only a mantle-like shelf for art or dishes.

Kinda like this mantle over the stove.

But with panels and corbels glazed like these.

And double glass like this?  Tall cabinets, but not just one door.  Maybe a tall, and a short up top.

And a wood finish on the locker seat, like this one.

And a full-size drawer with two trash cans, like this one.  (no drawer above)  But with rails so you are not just pulling on the drawer front.
And may I please have a pan rack/sorter above my oven?  And maybe two drawers under my stove top instead of cabinets for pots and pans?  Ok, maybe that is all. ; )

Maybe I've been avoiding..I'm supposed to decide on paint colors and tile and lights and flooring and cabinet knobs and door knobs..and I'm nervous.  We'll see how far I get!

Keep praying for Alyssa, she's doing better!  Trying to keep fluid off her she needs to get up lots to try to walk (to maker her breath harder!).  Bless her heart..and she had to test her blood today.  Might be the first of many for a while, till they know if her transplant took!  Pray for her to be healed..she doesn't want diabetes! : )



Anonymous said...

Just checked out your blog today for the first time since our trip to Japan. Glad MC got our package!
Beautiful kitchen design! Can't wait to see your new place's pics!
Hugs to you! Junko

Unknown said...

Your blog can make anyone brave!!))