Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rather Rocky Floor

Mary Claire was supposed to get her braces today..but looks like July 8 is our new date.  There was a miscommunication.. at least she and Ethan got to play in the pink goop used for her impressions. ; ) fun!

The house is moving along, thank goodness!  I'm trying to find peace in the temporary house, use new coping skills..and now we'll be even more thankful to be in our new home.  It seems like everyone is having some sort of trouble (sharing a room, finding things, missing neighbor friends and our pool, etc.).  I'm praying for this time to grow our patience and teach us to rely on one another and not stuff and others.  I'M even having stress about tripping over boxes.  It's hard to not have access to things (my pizza stone..we made pizza on the oven rack last night..and cut it on the counter!), and have to walk in little paths around furniture.  I'm still packing things up that aren't crucial, and trying to give stuff away if I'm absolutely sure we won't need it!

Here is our progress:
The front, won't we have beautiful sunsets?

No running in the living room, boys!

The back porch.  And your lovely view of the port-o-potty.

The boys gathering walnuts to hit over our fence at the rental.  They like to play baseball, but not run get the balls. ; )

King of the Mountain!  This is the thing he does as soon as he gets there..

Our Driveway : )  Come on over!  You can park between the backhoe and the dumpster.
I'd ask for prayers for us, but there are so many worse off right now.  Pray for Ron, my friend's dad for healing of his foot and lower leg after being bucked off a horse.  Pray for Roy, a NWA JDRF family member who had a car accident, and just had his leg amputated.  Pray for Laura's family-her stepdad just passed away, and her mom went to the ER with chest pain.  She's ok, but keep praying.  It's a stressful time for them.

This makes me thankful for my health, my family, and that we have exactly what we need.  May God bless you right where you are.


courtney said...

your blog looks good!
so proud of you:)

Holly said...

Thank YOU!! I only stayed up till 1am! haha. I can't think well in the day time. : ) I had to remember how I used to do it, back before we were three kids..it's been a while ; )