Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I'm a learner.  Constantly learning..sometimes by error.  So..if you want to clean the jets to your whirlpool, the thing you should not do is try a little vinegar.  Then look up directions on the internet, and try the bleach/Cascade method.  With the vinegar still in there.  Apparently, you are waging chemical warfare on yourself.  Yes, that was also located on the internet.  After I noticed a chemically smell.  (but Ches was kind enough to turn off the jets, and unplug the tub..choke, choke.)

The other thing I learned yesterday is that Chick-Fil-A doesn't have hot chocolate.  Boo.  So, I went to McDonald's, and ordered a medium hot chocolate.  They informed me that their specialty coffee machine wasn't working.  So, I ordered again louder (surely my voice was garbled on that speaker).  She told me again about the machine.  I said, "..so the hot chocolate is a specialty coffee?"  "Yes."  Hmm.  So, I went to Starbucks for the primo hot chocolate.  At least they knew what I was talking about.  I was starting to wonder if I made up some vision of warm chocolate to drink.  Great invention, btw.

Yesterday was the Mother Daughter Tea, and we had the best flowers, punch, and treats.  Three people brought petit fours..all delish.  No, I didn't try them all..but Mary Claire did!  So good, she ran out of insulin.  She's not making it a full three days anymore.  I have to be careful.  She had to bring home her plate of goodies..at least she had an egg salad sandwich!

Tonight was Bunco, so I got to see all the cool kids.  Everyone has something fun going on!  I got to share about my house.  Yay me..and my temporary housing!  Kathy had made these awesome rugs for her deck..they are canvas drop cloths she got at Lowe's, painted, and sealed!  They were beautiful.  She did a large one and a coordinating smaller one.  I want one!  They kinda look like this (and there's a tutorial!).

I finally got into the doctor today after a long bunch of phone calls to a booked-up doctor yesterday.  I have a sinus infection..that's what I get for trimming shrubs, planting flowers, and pulling weeds. You're welcome, buyers! : )  But, I stirred up trouble.  Hopefully I'll be closer to 100% for Mary Claire's fifth grade graduation on Thursday, and Ethan's kindergarten graduation on Friday! : )

Here are just a couple pictures from Mary Claire's skating/sleepover on Friday.  These girls were sooo sweet.  No drama, just lots of fun.  Thankful she's found some good friends!  (..although I did unplug the internet/modem at 2am.  Four of them had to get up to be somewhere!  Call me mean.)

She's a good designer, no?

This picture is not mine, I have to say first.  It says "g With Angels"  I pinned it, but it's Love.  As in my wall paper on my phone, and what I choose to look at.  Over and over. ; )  God loves us..why else would He give life to these gorgeous things?  and things that are here so briefly?  Beautiful.
There's no real (visible) progress on the house.  And I'm tired out from rolling dice. ; )  Enjoy that piece of gorgeousness since I'm headed south.  Night, ya'll!

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