Monday, April 29, 2013

Cute pigs, can I have your insulin?

Girls Weekend!  We took the girl scout troop to Tulsa, Oklahoma, to stay the night.  We'd planned a hike, a hotel stay, and a zoo trip.  They were so excited!  I think the trip/car ride was half the adventure. ; )

We started at Natural Falls State Park:
Even in the drizzly (read: frizzy hair weather), the columns were gorgeous!

So..Mary Claire chose her own clothes, and thought it'd be warmer! : )

The girls in peril.  I couldn't go out that far on the ledge. The concrete just wasn't thick enough for me.  They clearly loved it.  It's a shear drop to the bottom. : P

This is looking down.  Gorgeous, yes.  Scary, yes. the bottom!  Safer, yes. ; ) We didn't have the entire group quite yet.

A massive bridge so high in the air.  I could feel it flex as they walked.  More scary. (am I technically old then?) kind of weather!  It was sunny and 80 degrees.  Cuties in the bubbles!

And in the shade so we can see their faces before we split up again.  It was tough to make group decisions with so many adults and kids!

I had a smiley picture, but this was cuter.  Ohhhh! they say.

A chimp's proportions.  Her legs are too long. ; )

I like the wet earth rotating.  The girls are keeping it going and the boys are trying their hardest to stop it!  (and isn't her braid pretty?  It goes off to one side.)

We loved the seahorses.  Their little back fins propel them, and their tails keep them steady.  Truly a wonder.

More proof God was creative. ; )

Mary Claire loved the tiger.

Me?  I love the flamingos!  This one has its feathers all fluffed up.  We think they were flirting with each other.

Waiting to ride the train back.  They were hot and very tired.  Should have gone to bed earlier last night!

But so thankful they can manage a smile! : )
What do you not see in the pictures?  Well, the panic that comes with absence of insulin.  I'd worked so hard to clean the house (we'd had a showing the night before) and prepare all the boys (I'd never left Carter over night!!), that I left the insulin in the refrigerator.  I didn't discover this until we were checking into the hotel.  I panicked.  (I had the supplies for a site change..but nothing to load in the reservoir!)  Ches' answer was for her to eat no carbs if she wanted to stay.  (Mean.)  I asked him to meet me halfway, but he wasn't excited.  I called our pharmacy, and since we'd filled it on April 10, we couldn't get a refill or have it transferred.  I posted on FB that I needed insulin..and after a few minutes, we had a response. (!!)  I called the sweet lady (that I didn't know), and just started crying.  I couldn't talk to her.  Really.  I blubbered, and said I was sorry, and that it'd been nine years, and how could I forget insulin?  I'm not a newbie.  She was so sweet, and we worked out a plan.  She brought the insulin to me at the hotel.  

Talk about humbling.  I've mailed insulin out, given it out, no big deal.  But receiving?  SO, so, so, so much harder.  I cried again when she came.  I guess I felt so powerless.  I had asked the pharmacist if I could get it OTC, but only long-acting insulin is available.  I knew there were stores within a one mile radius that had what I needed..but I couldn't touch it.  It was so hard.

I used to stick insulin and supplies everywhere.  Hoard them, you might call it.  But I thought I'd evolved since I didn't live in fear anymore. about regretting it.  I made it, she had awesome blood sugars, and a wonderful trip.  And memories, thank God, she'll remember the good things.  I didn't really tell her all that was going on.  I didn't want her to know.  Bless her heart, she deals with enough.  I had to spare her something.  She just knew I forgot insulin, and someone was saving the day and was bringing it.  That's it.  Enough.

I think that's all I can say.  I am still tired.  Thankful and recovering.  God, please heal my girl and eradicate diabetes.  Please. (but thank you for the saving grace of our T1D family)

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.  For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.
Matthew 7:7-8

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Looks like lots of fun. I will have to put Natural Falls State Park on our to visit list.