Sunday, October 7, 2012

I'm Alive!!

Well, September slipped by.  Wordlessly.  Sorry, I had this tiny thing called a BABY.  He's still wonderful, but definitely rocking my world.  I'll find a picture... ; )

We are getting ready for the Walk to Cure Diabetes..and I'm doing my best to pull it together!  We have to rush to get shirts ordered (they told me to have my sizes by MONDAY!  (Don't know 'bout where you live, but it's FRIDAY Here!!!).  Still working on our tshirt design, here are some possibilities:
The idea was that we'd give each person a Sharpie marker with their shirt, and they could write on the shirt what they wish for... I just don't know if it converges with the theme, "One Cure" haha..oops.

And this one is ok..we thought it up last year, but couldn't use it. doesn't speak to the real Olympic-y theme.  Worried about that?  Nah, me neither. ; )  There is no t-shirt contest calling my name.  The name of my game?  Make my girlie happy.  And she loves her some cupcakes!
So..there's that, and my thank you notes on backorder.  (Well, that'd be me being behind, must take responsibility.)  I'll get it together.

BUT, my current grievance is insurance-related.  I can gripe and moan here since they don't frequent my place, and don't have any desire to ask what we want.  Basically, the U of A (where my lovely earns a wage and carries our life-giving insurance) is changing carriers.  He found out last week since he's been serving on the faculty senate, and it just hit the faculty this week.
I'm freaked out.
AND we just got a letter that our pharmacy care is requiring we now only get a choice of two meter manufacturers if we want our strips paid for...and it's not our meter or company.  It's a sucky-give-away-free-cheap-meters-and-make-their-money-on-the-bad-strips-that-require-four-to-check-blood-at-a-time.  It's awful.  And our old meters send her blood sugar to her pump saving a step each and every time, and they work every time.  Even though they aren't the latest thing.  But they are GOOD quality.  I'm sad.  How can it all go bad in one week?

I know if you have diabetes (or a child with it), you know what supplies cost.  The sets (site change) supplies are $750. per month.  There is no way around it.  It's expensive.

Ok, try to turn my frown upside down.  It's just not all roses.  She's alive, and I have to be thankful we don't live 200 years ago.  She'd be gone.'s your week?

My baby can nearly sit up..if he doesn't fall over. ; )  heehee  If I hold one hand, he can balance.  And he is eating some veggies (squishy, of course), and some cereal.  It really makes me feel a teensy bit more independent.  Like if I leave him for more than an hour or two, he'll survive!  We are still heavily nursing (like 10 times a day?).  He's super fast, so he probably doesn't get much at a time.  It's just how he is.  All my babies have been different, and he has better things to do than stare at a shirt! ; )   He is super cuddly and sweet though, and sometimes tries to talk while he eats, it's so funny.  He half babbles and half eats.  It just makes me laugh!

Clay was on some stronger Concerta, but then he lost almost ten pounds, so we dropped him back.  We are currently stuffing him with anything he'll eat.  He's a healthy eater so it's kinda hard.  But..I've been stocking his closet with canisters of Reese's and jelly beans.  heehee, I'm so sneaky.  He gets a cheesecake every week, and basically anything we can get him to choke down.  I even give him protein power shakes.  He's back up five pounds, but it's taken almost a month.

Mary Claire?  Sweet and growing.  Reading like crazy.  And can't WAiT for the Walk!  If we can get the shirts all wrapped up, we'll be sitting pretty.  And then..those bows.  Will I do it again this year?  Ha!  Feeling a bit overwhelmed, so maybe not.  Ok, now it's Sunday, and here is what they *might* look ; )
What do you think?  She likes the black, and it's closer to our theme of olympics, but she still gets her cupcakes.  I think I'll order her some Rick's cupcakes for post-walk, just 'cause I love her.

See?'s still taking me a good weekend to even write one post.  And so much changes in a couple days!

Oh yeah!  Here are some pictures of my cuties:
Now in volleyball school.  She loves it for the new clothes. ; )

seems mustaches have even made it to gumball machines.  Very Mario-esque.

Clay playing catcher.  Can you see the amazingness of my camera?  I caught him catching the ball!

Swear he's not naked.  He's an awful messy eater. ; )

Toes.  Are.  Fascinating.
Hope you had a great weekend, hugs!


Anonymous said...

If the meter they are requiring you to use is not one standardly used and approved, if it is not up to standard according to your endo, your endo can prescribe a meter (or a specific class of meters). Endo needs to call the insurance company and fight for your meter by saying meter prescribed is not acceptable. Needs to get preauthorization from the insurance company. Once you get the preauthorization number write it down and make sure to have endo put the preauth number, along with 3 or 4 refills on the script. The refills are important or endo will have to do this every month. As it is, he/she will have to do this every 9 months to a year. Endo could also mention that he feels it is imperative that she use the meter that communicates with the pump as he uses this for analysis and D care. If insurance declines endos request get yourself a case manager at the insurance company and fight it. There is a lot of attention being paid today about the variation -- or lack of -- between blood sugar meters. Only a few are acceptable to use. Because of this, there are a lot of studies you can find on this issue, print out and use in your fight. But I think the endo specifing why he wants you to use your specific meter and him prescribing it will be enough. Hope so, as you are probably busy but it's worth fighting for. Good luck.

Misty said...

We were also given a choice of two meters awhile back. We use the Omnipod and it has the glucometer built in. So my Endo.'s office just sent some paperwork to the ins. co. stating we needed that one and our ins. ok'd the strips we use/need for like 40 This should work for you also since your meter sends the info. to her pump. I would contact your Endo. and ask them to send in request to ins. HOPE this works out for you :)

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

Love the black/pink/with cupcakes design!

Kiddos are cute, as always!! And that little man is getting big!

Glad to see you around again! :)

Holly said...

Thanks SO much, guys!!
I went by the pharmacy today and get THIS. Holy Guacamole! The strips I use retail for $48/per bottle of 50. The ones they want me to use range from $79-$137. HOW is that..and why? WHY can't I use my cheapies I love?
ps, thanks, Denise!! : ) Missed you guys too!!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

I don't get insurance!!! So frustrating!

Your little Carter has gotten so big! All of your kiddos are adorable! :)

Our Jack's Pack walk shirts are boring in comparison to yours. You have my mind spinning with design ideas now...that's a good thing! :)