Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer is Here!

I've been spending so much time on silly sales junk (see to the right), that I'm not having so much time to blog!  Well..I should be more honest..I"m doing all other stuff too!  I'm going to Wal-Mart almost daily (should be staying home since it's shareholders' meeting-and CrAzY around all local WM's!), and eating out, and running around with Ethan. I feel like it's already summer!  (I is, but now that he's out, we just do what we want every day!)  We played dinosaurs and I flew him in the air on my feet (yes, I do indeed count it as exercise!).
I've been wanting to change my blog background (and I'm getting to it..), but I'm thinking now that I'll have Jen Fancy me up!  I'll find her link around here somewhere..
But she takes 2-3 weeks, and I need freshened up-asap!
Hope you are having a good week-summer is here-grab some flip-flops, get some sun, new lip gloss, and go blonde!  (ok, that's what Mom does-maybe just get summer highlights?) heehee-no, I won't take it off, Mom! hahaha
Sending you virtual hugs-can't you always use a good hug? (and I'm not on meds! ha!)

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