Saturday, October 17, 2009

Miniskirts, Bandanas, and Boots

I can only say Busy. We've had play dates, emails, dinners, practices, boy scouts, baseball games (including a dads vs. kids game!), the Husky Hoedown, and we've split up today also. Ches is with Clay at his morning baseball game, and I'm home with Mary Claire who's high (250's, but too high to eat), and Ethan who seems to have developed a runny nose since last night. We are going to meet at Sam's to shop and pick up our Christmas cards after Clay's first game!

I have to say, I was beginning to wonder if we were invincible, but of course, we aren't. I thought maybe it was because I was keeping the bathrooms so clean, remembering their vitamins, alcohol-gelling their hands so often, making their dinners with lots of fruits and vegetables, etc. It seemed everyone I talked to had sick kids-or they were sick! We took a few days of rest after our flu shots, hoping we wouldn't catch all the h1n1 going around. But, we've now been infiltrated with our first runny nose of the season. Boo! I'll probably keep him home this week just so he doesn't catch something else while his immune system is busy fighting this off!

The Husky Hoedown (our school's fall carnival-western style!) was really fun-we went a little late since Clay had a game right before it. He didn't even get to change clothes, but Mary Claire and I got dressed up! We had our boots on, and bandanas, and our miniskirts on-what fun! My hair was in pigtails (low, I promise), but she wanted hers down (under her cowboy hat of course). Ethan went with us, and the plan had been for Ches to drop Clay and take Ethan, but they all stayed, and it went well! Ethan played all the games with the kids, and it was fun-he's finally old enough to learn to stand in line, wait his turn, and then give his ticket to play. I've always had to help with the games, so it was nice to just play with the kids this year!

Alrighty, just a teensy update. I have to go change Mary Claire's site as she's not coming down and she's hungry!!


The Ware's said...

Sounds like our life lately - whew! The girls are dribbly today too... weather changes/allergies but we skipped soccer this morning hoping to avoid it getting worse since it was so cold outside. I have my appt. on Tuesday (as do the girls for flu mist) so I'll let you know what my dr. says about the availability of H1N1 vaccine for me... talk to you soon!

Katie said...

The cross is beautiful, thank you thank you thank you! I can't believe you gave it to me. It's so big and a wonderful reminder of good coming from ashes.

Holly said...

Yeah, busy, and it's about to get worse! They both start basketball this week! It'll never end, so I'm going to try to get used to crazy!
I'd love the h1n1 asap! I'm still waiting on it...

Katie! You are welcome : ) It was meant for Reese, I just didn't know it at the time. : ) I promise, good will come.